Top 10 Guitars for Gals

Girls can get their act together cause its now time to play. Don’t get me wrong what I am trying to get to is play… the guitar! For all those gals who had a difficult time just holding one, we have just the right thing for you. Top 10 guitars for girls are what you have to set your eyes on. They have slimmer neck profiles, smaller size and lighter weight. It’s like looking in the mirror! The collection is based on quality, price and, er, coolness. The guitars in the line-up also needed to be relatively lard-free. Without further ado lets introduce each one of them… the first one being Gibson Les Paul goddess, followed by daisy rock stardust elite Venus… now that’s quite a name. Next are Squier hello kitty Stratocaster (this one makes me puke!) and the very ignorable daisy rock tomboy.

Apart from these, you have more with weird names like Gibson SG goddess, Epiphone, Emily the strange G310, Gibson Les Paul vixen, daisy rock candy custom. Special Luna andromeda and last but not the least is Luna Athena hollow body. Well, there you have it – Electric Guitar Review’s Top 10 Guitars for Girls. Don’t let the names fool you cause these are quite a cool apart from the atrocious looks of some case in point hello kitty. Be a good gal and string the guitars!

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