The Tesla Roadster of boats – This futuristic 28-feet long electric speedboat is lightning fast has a stellar range and even has an autopilot to navigate the high seas.

Looks like Swedish boatbuilder Candela has had a busy year dishing out one ferry after another. The year began with a bang and what was dubbed the fastest all-electric ferry in the world in March. In June Candela took pride in the hydrofoiling “flying boat” called the C-7. Candela’s C-7’s stunning successor is here already, and it’s a gorgeous 28-footer vessel. They look persistent in creating one marvel after another, which is why a bigger and better version was launched. The C-8 claims to have the longest range of any electric boat in history thanks to a larger 44-kWh battery pack, and an improved performance of the hydrofoiling system.

With C-8, the makers intend to mass-produce their latest offering as opposed to C-7. Candela’s founder and CEO Gustav Hasselskog explained, “With the C-7, we demonstrated that our hydrofoil technology not only allows for long-range electricity but also provides a better experience than conventional boats. Thanks to our hydrofoil system, you get a smoother, nicer ride. However, the C-7 was more like a hand-built sports car, never intended for volume production. With the new C-8, we’re pushing the technology to the next level, and at the same time focusing on making a boat that has all the comfort you would expect while designing it for efficient mass production.”

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Even with a size that doesn’t match up to the luxurious megayachts spotted on the high seas, C-8 does well for itself. It can manage to accommodate eight passengers in the cockpit, a large sunbed, a roomy cabin with a four-person sofa, beds for two adults and two children, and a freshwater shower and marine toilet. That’s an awe-inspiring feat displaying such a clever use of limited space. Candela C-8 can go over 56 miles before it needs charging, proving its forte as the longest range of any electric boat ever produced.

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With advancements in technology, no one could’ve avoided an increase in the price tag either. While the predecessor, C-7, sold for $240,000, the C-8 that is 31 inches longer sells for nothing less than $339,000. The company is now accepting reservations for the C-8 and expects to begin production in January 2022.

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