Ferrari spA glams up your car with cashmere interiors and gold exteriors

High rollers looking for that extra glam quotient in their luxury Ferrari cars now have good reason to throw some loose change around. Following the trend of Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and Maserati now, Ferrari spA too is offering exclusive tailor-made customizations to their cars including cashmere-covered seats and gold-colored exteriors. All high end buyers can visit the special Atelier boutique at the Maranello headquarters and receive a personal consultation from the Ferrari in-house designer on how best to execute their lavish tastes appropriately.

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This new personalization program began last month and is all set to include a 20 to 60 percent increase in the price tag of its $410,000, 620-horsepower, 599 GTB extravagant machines. The head of product marketing, Nicola Boari, claims that “The exclusivity of the materials and the service level we provide call for a different price.” Guess standing out from the crowd in a Ferrari isn’t good enough these days; you must have unique customized interiors and exteriors that state your elite status from a mile away.

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