Video – Woman in China completely wrecks a Ferrari 458 minutes after renting it

It looks like the last couple of weeks have not been great for supercars; quite a few of these super exotic, rare machines have totaled by fools behind the wheel. And not-so-surprisingly, the crash videos have gone viral on the web for us car lovers to watch in absolute horror. The latest piece of automobile beauty to bite the dust is a Ferrari 458, which was reduced to a pile of dump after crashing into a road divider of a busy street. The incident happened in Whenling, China where a women crashed the Italian supercar moments after leaving the garage where she rented it from.

YouTube video

The CCTV footage shows the car losing control on a wet, slipper road and swerving into the road divider, and then hitting a white colored BMW X3 SUV before coming to a stop. Whoever, the clip uploaded by Daily Mail begins with a video apparently shot by the woman driver from behind the steering wheel a few seconds before the crash. She can be heard in the video saying that it’s her first time to drive a Prancing Horse. Looking at the footage, you can see the traction control is switched off, which is the dumbest thing to do while driving a Ferrari on wet roads. Some Reddit users even speculated that the 458 was put on race mode, unleashing the entire 570 horsepower the supercar makes. The entire front end of the Ferrari was destroyed in the crash and two more unsuspecting cars became victims of this incident.


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