This AirBnB cabin in the mountains gives a true taste of Iceland’s beauty

With summer in full spring, the 1% are packing their bags for the sunny shores of the world’s island paradises in search of tropical adventures. But a select few will head north to Iceland, where this cabin-in-the-middle-of-nowhere offers the company of wild horses and serene views as far as the eye can see.

Fittingly titled the ‘Piece of Heaven’, this modern cottage listed on AirBNB, offers 5 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Located near the village of Búðardalur, this home is remote but not sparse.

The inside is comfortable and functional with a wood burning stove for warmth and a kitchen that’s complete with the necessary appliances.

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A cozy attic bedroom and a living space with endless views are all part of this remote cottage. Of course, a full bathroom with a hot shower is part of the package.

But the real fun is on the outside, where the grassy terrain stretches out for miles. According to the AirBNB listing, you’ll occasionally see Iceland’s famous wild horses and maybe even an Artic Fox or two!

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The location is also perfect to view the Northern Lights.

Whether it is beautiful hikes that you’re after, or just a break from other people, this Northern paradise is the place to be this summer.
As an added bonus, most of the AirBNB reviews had nothing but praise for the hosts of this remote home.

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