2012 will bring in a lighter, faster and better Ferrari California

The latest reports on the upcoming 2012 Ferrari California has painted an interesting picture for car enthusiasts across the world. The preview of the changes undergone in the overall makeover is surprising and much awaited. Starting from better-machined internal engine components, a micro-cast exhaust and a new engine computer mapping system, this list could take all day. The Torque gets a bump from 358 to 373 lb. Its horsepower boosts up too from 460 to 490 hp. An improved suspension response time and the overall materials used on the chassis will have this new beauty at 66.1 lbs lighter. If all this wasn’t enough, the optional Special Handling Package feature will have an upgraded magnetorheological suspension control system that will reduce the response time from 10 to 5 ms.

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Wait! It’s not over yet. The seven speed F1 twin-clutch transmission will drop the previous 0-62 time to 3.85 seconds! An additional feature change of damper options from extreme hard to soft in 8 ms should not be missed either. So what are the external changes? An optional silver grille and an infotainment system hard drive with a syncing capacity with Apple and Android phones makes us all look forward to the New Year for a whole bunch of reasons.

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