Ferrari’s latest model is a limited-run track-only special built using components and tech from its race cars

Ferrari has revealed its newest track-day-only limited-edition that’s largely based on its GT3 and GTE racing models. Called the 488 GT Modificata, Ferrari says the new model is “exclusively for use during track days and at Ferrari Club Competitizioni GT events.” The track-only beast will be initially offered only to drivers who have recently participated in Ferrari club track events. The Italian marque has five Club Competizione GT events planned for 2021 that include Virginia International Raceway, Watkins Glen, Monza, Suzuka, and the Nürburgring. Powering the 488 GT Modificata is Ferrari’s twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8 which is “no longer limited by the FIA Balance of Performance” regulations. The V8 produces 690hp, while Ferrari has also equipped it with a reinforced transmission with a carbon-fiber clutch.

The aerodynamic package of the 488 GT Modificata, which includes the massive wing at the back, has also been specially created for optimal performance of racing circuits. Ferrari claims the revamped aerodynamics produces more downforce at the front without increasing drag and reducing high-speed performance. The iconic Italian automaker says the maximum downforce generated is 2,204 pounds at 142 mph. In terms of special hardware, the Modificata comes with suspension from the 488 GTE and anti-lock braking system from the 488 GT3 Evo. The 488 GT Modificata being a track-only model, the cabin is completely stripped out and gets a proper racing cockpit. However, Ferrari has fitted it with additional equipment such as a rear-view camera, full passenger seat, tire pressure monitoring system, and a V-Box/Bosch lap telemetry system. Ferrari hasn’t revealed the price or how many of these beastly machines will be built.

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