This billionaire oligarch passionately ordered one of the world’s fastest superyachts with more power than 20 F1 cars. But as he was sanctioned, he was unable to take delivery, and for more than a year now, the 262-feet-long vessel is laying moored in the Netherlands gathering dust.

It’s been over a year since the 262-foot all-aluminum Heesen flagship Galactica has remained in Harlingen, the Netherlands, with its owner nowhere in sight. Owned by sanctioned businessman Vagit Alekperov, superyacht Galactica, or Project Cosmos, is still moored in the marina. There has been one significant change in the stillness- the vessel is renamed Genesis, per Esysman SuperYachts, as it stands undelivered to her owner. The superyacht belonging to the sanctioned tycoon grabbed headlines in 2022 owing to her monumental size had the yacht getting stuck multiple times in European waters.

Space superyacht.

Not surprising, considering the 262-footer was Heesen’s most extensive build to date and the biggest all-aluminum yacht ever built. Alekperov, a former oil rig worker, was among the first Russian tycoons who tricked authorities into saving their floating mansions from being seized. 114-footer vessel Space made a speedy journey back to Russia after a quick trip from Tuzla, Turkey, to Sochi, Russia. The fate of Galactica, aka Genesis, is a far cry with next to no action for more than a year. Nonetheless, it is a striking ship that deserves to be explored-

The fireplace of the Heesen Genesis superyacht

From gorgeous Galactica to Genesis motoryacht-
Sharp as a shark, Heesen’s 262-foot all-aluminum flagship, now named Genesis, first attracted attention owing to its unusually shaped bow- resembling an open jaw of a killer shark. Only later, the six-stateroom yacht accumulated accolades for becoming the epitome of speed and unerring accuracy. The vessel featured excellent interior work by Sinot Yacht Design & Architecture and exteriors by Winch Design. It was also applauded for a top speed of 30 knots, no small feat for a ship with a volume of 1,700GT.

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Galactica was powered by four engines, two gearboxes, variable-pitch propellers, and ultra-innovative Promas rudders. A reek inside revealed airy and bright interiors achieved by a mix of neutral materials, large angled windows, and indirect lighting. Neutral woods and light silks were teamed with walnut wood and stainless-steel detailing.

The ship sleeps 12 guests in six cabins. The owner’s cabin was described as the most luxe space on board the vessel. “It’s the most luxurious space on board,” Costerus says, “it’s really a showcase of the level of detail that Galactica offers.” The natural and calm décor was highlighted by art-like intricate stitching in the wall panels and headboard.

The helipad.

A certified helideck on the bow beneath was noteworthy in other parts of the boat, as was the tender garage with room for a Winch-designed custom limousine. Galactica’s beach club featured a swanky backlit onyx bar. Galactica began sea trials in the North Sea in February 2022 and was to be delivered to her owner in April 2022.

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During its sea trials, the Galactica almost got stuck under one of the bridges in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, the owner, Vagit Alekperov, was sanctioned by the UK in April. The authorities also seized ownership of Heesen, the reputed luxury yacht builder. Alekperov had the company shares transferred to an independent Dutch Foundation.

Vagit Alekperov

Businessman Vagit Alekperov is worth $20.9 billion-
Tables turned for this former Caspian Sea oil rig worker as a deputy minister overseeing the oil industry in the Soviet Union. It went from there to owning three sizeable ministry-controlled oil fields and setting up Lukoil, now Russia’s largest independent oil company. Alekperov owned a 28.3% stake in Lukoil, which reported revenue of $125.1 billion in 2021. the firm has over 100,000 employees and accounts for about 2% of the world’s oil production.

The Heesen shipyard.Via Facebook / @Heesen Yachts

Alekperov acquired Heesen in 2008 through an investment company, Morcell Ltd, and the Dutch shipyard has launched more than 170 yachts. The first deputy minister of Russia’s oil and gas industry is passionate about numismatics (study or collection of currency) and boasts an extensive private collection with more than 700 coins.

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