Inspired by James Bond, ABJ Q business jet packs sophistication and technology

Business aircrafts today tend to linger on the dull side in an attempt to pack sophistication and a formal approach. Well, wouldn’t it be interesting, however, to travel in a one-of-a-kind luxury aircraft around the world to your next business meeting instead of those boring beige-covered-interiors of the airplane you’re so used to flying in? Packed with all the luxuries you’d look for while traveling and yet more while maintaining a true sense of sophistication, the ABJ Q aircraft, a concept designed for the Avro Business Jet by UK-based Falko & Design Q, comes with well-designed furniture, top-of-the-range technology, and cutting-edge gadgetry, complete with sofas, a refreshment center, a built-in office, work printers, computers and a fully functional surveillance system that keeps an eye on the jet’s safe nestled inside!

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And yes, given that this one’s inspired by super-spy James Bond, need we say more?
[DesignQ] And [HauteLiving]

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