Watch how Tom Hiddleston pokes at the Porsche 911 in this banned Jaguar F Type ad

You might remember the suave Jaguar’s British Villains Super Bowl ad from last year titled ‘Good to be Bad’ that featured the trio of Sir Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong and Tom Hiddleston. It was followed by another ad with one of the villains, Tom Hiddleston, back for another round with the F-Type Coupe. This one called ‘The Art of Villainy’, the 2 and a half-minute clip debuted on YouTube last year. Created by Tag, UK, the commercial was banned for encouraging irresponsible driving and was pulled down from YouTube soon after. However, the ad, which we think is perfectly all right, has resurfaced after a year thanks to Mark Jenkinson, the director of the clip.

If you want to be a respectable bad guy, the short film declares, there are a couple of requirements. It begins with Hiddleston sitting in the F Coupe listening to John of Gaunt in Shakespeare’s Richard II. In the dialogue-heavy spot, Hiddleston discusses what makes a great villain revving the car in an underground car park. A little while later, he uses a click pen to detonate explosive planted on fire sprinklers to make a Porsche 911 spin out in a parking garage. The ad is entertaining and hopefully it won’t be taken off this time round.

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