The party continues on the Koru megayacht – After Bill Gates and Oprah, Jeff Bezos, and his fiancee Lauren Sanchez invite Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, and Usher to their floating palace to enjoy the sun-kissed Mediterranean.

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Once on Koru, always on Koru? That sure seems like the deal as Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos and his fiancé Lauren Sanchez appears to be having a hard time leaving their $500 million schooner. Recently, the newly engaged couple was spotted making the most of Dubrovnik, Croatia, in the company of a new batch of A-list friends. Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, and Usher joined the couple to indulge in some touristy activities. They strolled the picturesque limestone-paved streets of the historic walled city, enjoying the early evening light and each other’s company.

Via Instagram / @laurenwsanchez

Bezos and Sanchez have been enjoying the European sun and the Mediterranean waters for several weeks now. The 59-year-old centibillionaire and his 53-year-old lady love even threw a fun and lavish engagement party in Positano, Italy, earlier this month.

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Via Instagram / @laurenwsanchez

They were joined by the likes of Bill Gates, Paula Hurd, and Oprah for a soiree, followed by Kris Jenner, Cory Gamble, Nikko Gonzales, and close friends for the engagement bash. The outing with Katy Perry and Bloom seemed laid-back and relaxing, with the couple laughing and enjoying the vistas while casually strolling through the cobbled streets.

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Via Instagram / @laurenwsanchez

What their next European stop will be is something only time will tell. But the billionaire couple doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to dive back into the mundaneness of routine. The $500 million Koru megayacht is the second largest sailing yacht in the world, with three decks of luxurious amenities and triple masts towering an astounding 230 feet. It is followed by a $75 million support vessel Abona that houses the remaining amenities not found on Koru, such as a helipad and an arsenal of toys and tenders.

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