Knight XV: The world’s largest SUV

The 2008 SEMA show in Las Vegas had witnessed several innovative automotive designs among which were the Hummer H2 with 30-inch tires and the world’s fastest Rolls. Another bombshell that deserves a good glance is the Knight XV, a fully armoured and handcrafted luxury SUV developed by a Conquest Vehicles Inc, the Toronto based luxury based company that specializes in fully armored luxury SUV’s. The XV provides 400 hp and 498 ft lbs of torque which seems good enough for being coordinated with a Bio-fuel V10. Each of these takes 1,500 hours to hand-build and only 100 of these will be made available initially.

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Now, for the internal delight, the XV features Wilton Wood Carpeting, Andrew Muirhead Leather, 6-way seating, tendem sunroof glass with privacy shades, side-mounted laptop stations, LED cabin lighting, an Alpine DvD navigation and Bluetooth setup, TV’s, night vision, rear op camera system, and a play station 3. Whoa! So much for an SUV! Paying $295,000 for that one may be worth it after all!

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