Make your life a quite adventure onboard the $1.6million houseboat

If you have a budget of £1million ($1.6 million) for a house alone, you can pick any locality in London to make your home. But if you are adventurous and can get bored easily, why not opt for a houseboat with the same or even better facilities instead? The houseboat named the ‘Ocean’ is a three-bedroom vessel wharfed at the Cadogan Pier on the River Thames. The houseboat will have amenities, including a rooftop swimming pool. The living space spans over 1,388 square feet and has a 577 square foot deck. Apart from the three bedrooms – one with a dressing room as well, the boat comes with a kitchen and dining area, a reception room, a study, and a utility room.

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The vessel comes with wooden flooring, carpeted bedrooms, and a kitchen with modern fittings including a dishwasher. One of the rooms also resembles a vintage ship cabin as it is all done up in timber!

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