Mercedes adds powerful S 420 CDI diesel to S-Class

While the exact beginning of the colloquial S-Class expression cannot be determined precisely, it has always referred to the most spacious and largest luxury vehicle in the Mercedes-Benz line-up. The new S-Class has become an overwhelming hit, overshadowing other like cars. But there is always room to improve, so how does Mercedes keep the ball rolling? Simple….it adds more power. Mercedes-Benz has just announced a new diesel model will be added to its S-Class line sedans in Europe: the S420 CDI. The S420 CDI features a 4.0-liter V8 CDI diesel engine that produces 320 hp and a stump-pulling 538 ft-lbs. or torque. Mercedes says that with its 90-liter fuel tank and a feathery foot, the S420 CDI could nearly travel 1,000 kilometers or 621 miles on a full tank.

The turbodiesel engine is also clean enough to meet European emission standards for diesel by using common-rail technology, piezoelectric injectors, and diesel particular filter. Deliveries to customers will commence in December 2006. Unfortunately, emissions regulations will likely prevent this non-Bluetec diesel from coming to the US.

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