Romero Britto creates 90th anniversary special Bentley Continental GT car

To celebrate its 90th anniversary, Bentley Motors collaborated with artist Romero Britto to paint the first concept car of its kind ever to be designed, a prototype Bentley Continental GT. Meant only as a model and exhibit piece and definitely not for the road, this unique anniversary masterpiece is currently on display in Germany with plans of being auctioned off there on November 7th. A car that is sure to be the crowning jewel of any collection, it will definitely draw bids from across the world. A visual treat, the Britto Bentley has appeared in more than 500 thousand news media outlets around the World! A luxury that many would love to drive home, we will have to wait till November to see who the lucky owner will be. What is more, it is also the first time ever in 90 years that Bentley has collaborated with a visual artist for such a project, making it even more special.

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All proceeds from the sale of this one of a vehicle will go to Best Buddies International and the Nathalie Todenhöfer Foundation for multiple sclerosis.