Sneak peek: A rich kid of Instagram gives us a tour of an ultra-luxurious $200,000,000 private jet

How rich is super rich? I guess when the luxury apartments of Etihad and first class cabins just won’t make the cut for you as they wont be ‘luxe enough’ is when you are certainly as rich as Richie Rich. for this population only an opulent private jet will do. To get a better idea about this we have shared a video posted by the Instagram account Rich Kids Of The Internet, where a tour of the private $200,000,000 747 jet will make your eyes pop! It will have an everlasting effect on your memory cells as this thing of beauty is as unforgettable as it is sensational. Speaking of unforgettable let’s get to the part that makes this jet so outstanding. For starters it has a main residential area; my guess is this could be a common area for guests and hosts to enjoy their time together. Move further in and you will see a vast area lavishly done with separate sections for dining, a comfortable chaise lounge arrangement, accent lighting that can be changed as per your mood, luxurious captain chairs, and two identical seating areas that can easily seat up to ten people. The sights that add a touch of luxury to the private jet is a wonderfully set table, crystal barware and fancy leather upholstery.

In all honesty, this one stands out as one of the most sophisticated and understated yet impressively done private jets. We have taken a peek inside Chelsea F.C. owner Roman Abramovich’s $80 million private jet but that was a lot of gold and flash. A close second was UK charter operator Acropolis Aviation Airbus ACJ320neo, a modified version of the regular Airbus 320neo created for the world’s super-elite. What’s your pick from this motley of private jets?

[Via: Dmarge]

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