Video – Yes, there is a diamond-studded Rolls Royce hood ornament and here is what happens when you try to steal it

If a Rolls-Royce is not exclusive enough there are companies which will literally go the extra mile to make the ultimate status symbol even more exclusive. One of these companies is Los Angeles based Gatsbyexotics and they have created a diamond-studded Spirit of Esctasy. While it’s not the first time someone has blinged the iconic mascot, this one does seem to the most expensive ever as it is clad in a stunning 40 carats of diamonds. While the cost is not known, it is estimated that this hood ornament should cost upwards of $350,000.

Dubai based Instagram influencer Alex Hirschi recently posted a video on her Instagram account @supercarblondie. The short clip shows this beautiful ornament up close, when she tries to pull the Spirit of Esctacy like with all Rolls Royce’s it automatically retracts into the radiator. A shocked Alex wonders if any of the diamonds fell off. (Check the video below).

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