Its about time – Boeing now plans to focus on self-cleaning toilets

Oh, the race only gets sharper. After playing with seats and services, now other facilities of air travel are being considered for a revamp. Being has come up with a self-cleaning lavatory concept that will clean itself while unoccupied. The process will make the bathroom 99.99% bacteria free using UV lights positioned throughout the room. Also, several hi-tech features will be embedded like hands-free faucets, soap dispensers, trash bins, hand dryers, and also automatically-lifting toilet seat and lid. The only place of contact will be the seat – some OCD women avoid even that. So. The Clean Lavatory will hence be the cleanest sport in the plane. Basically we are walking into a sci-fi movie.

The Clean Lavatory design released by Boeing Research & Technology is nominated for the Crystal Cabin Award – international design innovation award, which will be held on April 5. As of now, there is no news of a prototype making its way into an aircraft. If they win the award, then it will be a rat race amongst the airlines. Which means – move over Premium ultra, super, ginormically-fascinating luxury seats – the rest of the plane wants a share of your glory.

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[ Via : Fortune ]

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