Air France adds an extra dose of privacy on long-haul flights with its new business class seats that now come with doors

From the looks of it after flying in Air France’s new Boeing 777 flatbed business class, other premium cabins may not feel the same again. The latest addition, implementing the 3 “F” s – Full Flat, Full Access, and Full Privacy, is making long-haul flights even more comfortable. This praiseworthy business class product is a new sliding door that allows passengers to create a private space. The intimate chamber onboard results from Air France’s collaboration with Cirrus. Together they are not only adding doors to the existing reverse herringbone seats but redesigning them entirely. The holistic experience will now include seats positioned in the cabin’s center with a central panel.

A wide 17.3-inch 4K High-Definition anti-glare screen is present for entertainment coupled with a noise-reducing headset. For those who prefer using their own headphones, a new Bluetooth connection permits passengers to use their own. The wide side-shelf acts as a large storage cavity and sports a lit-up winged seahorse on the front.

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As is the case in long-haul flights, passengers often spend more time sleeping and resting. The seat transforms into a 2-meter fully flatbed dressed with a microfiber pillow and blanket to ensure a comfortable shuteye. The sea is equipped with a ‘do not disturb’ indicator notifying the cabin crew to leave you undisturbed. The unerring French flair is witnessed in somber white-finished suites with navy blue seats and aisle paneling.

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The only flamboyance spotted in the otherwise clean and crisp decor is the parquet pattern on the carpet. Executive Traveller shared, “Wool, brushed aluminum (and) full-grain French leather are the noble, soft and natural materials Air France chose for the manufacture of its seats,” the airline states. As per One Mile At A Time, the first Boeing 777 with 48 seats in Business class is expected to enter service as of September 2022 and will be flying to New York JFK.

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