$250,000 gets adventurous couples the ultimate destination wedding experience in Antarctica. It is complete with snow lounges, 28,000 penguins, and a magnificent backdrop.

For $250,000, couples can give a whole new meaning to their destination wedding in Antarctica! Bespoke luxury travel company Red Savannah offers the ultimate wedding experience, albeit for a high price, and makes your special day genuinely unforgettable. The White Wedding in a White Desert Experience begins with a 12-guest wedding party flying from Cape Town, South Africa, to Wolf Fang runway in Antarctica in an 8.5-hour flight. Festivities commence with a hearty breakfast, including a cake-cutting ceremony followed by champagne in the Snow Lounge. Weddings can be cold, but this one takes matters literally.

Antarctica is definitely a venue like no other.

You may revel in the natural panoramas of Antarctica, from the peaks of a range of nunataks on the horizon to the velvety expanse of snow. If the Arctic has your heart, you may spend the rest of your stay at Echo, a brand-new Polar camp composed of six private pods outfitted with a floor-to-ceiling window design.

Echo camp

The state-of-the-art pods contain a communal space and dining area where guests devour the finest South African produce coupled with award-winning wine selections. Another way to unwind at this spectacular location is Whichaway Camp. Here guests can relax inside a wellness space and sauna pod on the shores of the freshwater lake of the Schirmacher Oasis.

Luxurious pods offer scenic views of the snow white landscape.

It looks like for the first time, the wedding seems more promising than the honeymoon. In addition to taking in the natural beauty of Antarctica, guests can also indulge in a visit to the 28,000-strong Emperor Penguin colony, nunatak walks, ice, and mountain climbing. The well-planned wedding experience even takes care of the wedding gifts. $1,000 per person is pledged to conservation and sustainability initiatives visiting Antarctica.

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