This waste basket is more expensive than 10 iPhone’s (Its a Hermes)

You buy a good pair of jeans and wear it till it wears out. That’s called making full use of it. Similarly, sometimes you indulge in not so useful things like the expensive LV sleep mask or LV dumbbells. The point is these things can still be useful on a daily basis. You sleep everyday and you can put that $750 LV sleep mask to use. But what does one do with a $7650 Hermes waste basket? How much crap can we possibly accumulate to justify this expense on an object that’s invented to store discarded paper and waste? Yes, they have made it beautiful but that’s a given if you paid attention to the price. I wish it looked less like a dustbin and more like a vase so I could make it the centrepiece of my living room.

Alas, it is a dustbin or as Hermes sophisticatedly calls it, a waste basket, that’s made in solid natural maple wood. It measures 11.8″ high, 10″ diameter and is part of the Équilibre d’Hermès collection which includes desk accessories and decorative objects made of natural maple, fawn H bull calf, natural wicker and brass harmonise. On second thoughts an office belonging to the ultra rich is full of exquisite things and that’s where this Hermes waste basket belongs. Not a complete waste I guess!

[Available at Hermes]

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