Need of the hour: A bizarre surgical mask that looks like you and can unlock your iPhone

Viruses are no joke, but the surgical mask recently invented to save us from them could be! Coronavirus has been scaring the sense out of everyone on our planet which is why sales of medical masks have gone through the roof. iPhone-users wear them too but a threat looms over their heads every time they take the masks off to unlock their phones. Designer Danielle Baskin has proposed a solution- ‘Face ID compatible respirator masks’. Brought to you by Resting Risk Face, the face mask will have the user’s face printed on it which is real enough to unlock the iPhone using Face ID. The website explains the process of getting the lower half of your face slapped onto the N95 respiratory masks. Users first have to upload their face using the company’s web app. Then preview the mask on their face and fix any alignment issues. Once confirmed the company prints the user’s face on the mask and even match the elastic band with their skin tone.

The website seems like a stunt as the product isn’t available to purchase. A section on the page addresses whether or not the whole thing is a joke, stating: “Yes. No. We’re not sure. Viruses are not a joke.” still if they ever do see the light of the day they will sell for $40 a pop.

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[Via: Designboom]

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