Of Chanel’s and Birkin’s: Kylie Jenner flaunts her massive color coded handbag closet valued at $1 million

I follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram on a daily basis. Her stories have got to be frontrunners on the most extravagant-on-a-daily-basis category. The magic never ceases in Kylie’s world whether it’s her very-talked about parties, very criticized flower fields or a very coveted, color-coded and enormous purse collection. The makeup moguls collection showcased more brands than I know but I am certain I spotted quilted Chanel’s, Louis Vuitton, Judith Leiber, and many, many Hermès Berkins neatly lined up like a royal family. She has all of her 162 million followers gaping and mesmerized with her handbag closet which would put a princess to shame. In one post she also shared Stormi’s customized Louis Vuitton bag featuring her name, heart shapes and troll designs. The handbag was a gift from Khloe for Stormi’s second birthday. It is only a matter of time that Kylie will get little Stormi her own handbag closet as she’s already got a couple of her own luxury accessories.

We are in awe of the lovely hues of the even lovelier bags right from the light pinks to the blacks. Do you have any favorites here? We are certainly spoilt for choice. Kylie’s handbag collection is estimated to $1 million as some bags are no less than pieces of art in terms of value. Let’s see what she reveals tomorrow, shall we?

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[Via: Hollywood Life]

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