Fendi’s luxurious Christmas tree adorns the Rocco Forte’s Hotel de Russie in Rome

Trust Fendi to get into the Christmas spirit in its own unique way. Rome’s Hotel de Russie has partnered with Fendi by lighting up a 16 foot tree in the hotel’s inner Piazetta with 350 golden and silver Baguette bags lit up by strobe lights and micro flash. The base of the tree see the Qutweet birds by their capsule collection which is inspired by the Japanese art of origami and features birds wearing Santa hats. The Bag Buggies which are a part of their new collection also add to the decorations around the courtyard and add to the festive spirit.
The courtyard of the hotel is decorated with multi-colored bags as a tribute to this well known Italian brand. Guests who visit will enjoy exclusive Fendi amenties in the hotel suites.

To enjoy the Fendi and Hotel de Russie’s hospitality a trip to Rome during this Christmas is imperitive.

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[Via – Pursuitist]

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