Check out whats inside the World’s most lavish Christmas Hamper thats selling for $135,000

The World’s most expensive Christmas Hamper is offered by and is filled with the most expensive and luxurious food and drinks and accessories just for this occasion.

golden-almas-caviarThe hamper has foods that are specially chosen and rare to find. The Almas Caviar being one of them. Only one in 6000 Strugeon carry these golden yellow albino eggs that are a sought after delicacy. A 250g Love Tin filled with the Saint James Prunier Caviar is also part of the hamper.

goose-foie-gras-with-black-trufflesA scrumptious tin of Goose Fois Gras with Black Truffles is tucked away in a wicker vessel along with a delicious can of Duck Fois Gras. The flavours go well together and the hamper also contains the black and the white Alba truffles.

The Joselito gran reserva ham has been aged for 4 years and there also is the finest Chorizo in the hamper.

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A bottle of Lambda Olive Oil and a 25 year old bottle of Balsamic vinegar are also part of the goodies.

moet-chandon-insigniaAs though this is not enough, the hamper has a bottle of the Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon1961 which was the official Champagne of prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding. The bottle has a special insignia that was created just for the wedding. It also has the 2002 Romani Conti, a 2002 Le Montrache and a smooth and luxurious vintage 1964 Scotch, the Glenlivet.

the-glenlivet-1964-scotchThe old Cognac Jules Robin 1789 is over 200 years old an is believed to have been stored in oak for over 70 years before being transferred to a glass bottle which has vintage printed all over the bottle. This definitely takes the place of pride in the hamper.

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The accessories include Versace for Rosenthal Champagne flutes, a beautiful mother of pearl caviar dish with two spoons and an eye catching mother of pearl bottle opener.

For the tea tottlers there is the delicious hot chocolate and exotic White Christmas Tea made from the rare Yin Zhen white tea.

With all these exotic goodies and accessories in the hamper this is one hamper everyone would want to lay their hands on. This is available for $ 134, 648. This price excludes delivery and in order to receive your hamper by Christmas day the orders have to be placed by 19th December for UK customers.

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