Get the cameras out: Dubai has opened the worlds first-ever selfie museum

There was a time when an apple a day kept the doctor away; now a selfie a day is what keeps everything at bay! Let’s face our vanity and admit that we thrive on it and most of the time we do it all for ‘the gram’. Taking this compulsive human nature into consideration “The Selfie Kingdom” museum has taken shape. Dubai has created a museum, an interactive photo-friendly space that’s suitable for our social platforms using art and creativity. In short, it’s selfie heaven with as many as 15 whimsical, pop-up rooms that use unique themes and quirky backgrounds. Good thing that they plan to remodel and reinvent the rooms every few months as selfie lovers will surely take 1000 pictures in each room on the first visit itself. The selfie kingdom is located close to the Expo 2020 site will also feature various exhibits and installations from artists, designers, and innovators. You can also use this vibrant place as a creative co-working space as well as a venue to host private parties/events.

The Selfie Kingdom can be enjoyed from Sunday to Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm and tickets can be purchased online.

[Via: Scoop Empire]

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