Gourmet food in the skies – Cathay Pacific will offer six meal options and personalized plating to business class

Long-haul Business Class passengers can enjoy a new, more personal, dining experience that caters to sophisticated palates, offering more choice and enhanced presentation

Business Class travellers on Cathay Pacific’s long-haul flights will soon have the option of ordering from a new à la carte menu with a new hospitality upgrade to be rolled out starting from July 30. Cabin crew will take individual orders from passengers. Main courses will be individually plated on board by trained staff, ensuring better presentation and quality, as individual dish components can be heated separately.

Spicy prawn laksa is just one of the dishes offered in Cathay Pacific’s Business Class

The new option is the result of passenger surveys that the airlines has been conducting since 2017 to find out how to improve the in-flight experience, and customers have said they want to see “improved food quality, presentation, greater choice and more personalisation” during their in-flight meals.

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Cabin crew now individually plate items on board the flight

The new service will offer a range of “Hong Kong Favourites” such as Hong Kong char siu pork with egg noodles, wok-fried seafood in lobster soup, beef brisket with flat rice noodle, and mango with pomelo and sago for dessert.

Cabin crew display ‘Hong Kong Favourites’ dishes Photo: Aydee Tie

Trials are being run to determine the optimum amount of food to be loaded for each flight. “Technology is helping identify customer preference,” says Bernard Mills, head of customer experience, F&B and hospitality, at Cathay Pacific.

Passengers will be offered three appetiser options and up to six main course choices on flights that are longer than 10 hours. There is also the option of a new Express Meal, an alternative for customers who prefer to sleep during set flight meal service times. In addition, passengers in need of sleep can fill in a new Breakfast Order Card to select their morning meal before nodding off.

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Passengers can fill in a new Breakfast Order Card to select their morning meal.

The new service will be rolled out to all Business Class passengers on long-haul routes starting July 30 and is expected to be completed by mid-2019.

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