Self Propelled Suitcase: The first of its kind to be released

Traveling gets tiresome inevitably even since we can’t cut down on our luggage, and neither can we employ a chauffeur to help us out with the work. With the arrival of the self-propelled suitcase, you don’t need to do either of the above. The self-propelled luggage automatically provides power assistance when you encounter inclines or are straining to roll the luggage. The handle motors are equipped with sensors that detect how much force you are using to pull the luggage and signal to electric motors in the wheels to aid your struggle, propelling the suitcase up to 3Mph.

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All it requires is a 5-hour charge, and it is ready to go for up to 2.25 hours. The convenience costs you $1,300, which is worth it and way lesser than those useless old trunks that are heavy as hell!

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