A stunning pair of Hermes suitcases from Out of Africa that stayed there too!

Imagine an extended safari in the beautiful jungles of Africa, and having a travel attaché crafted by Hermès just for you on the special trip! A look into the fashion brand archives brought forth two bags designed in the 1930s, specially crafted for author Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke aka Karen Blixen aka of Out of Africa fame. The bags spot a baronesses’ crown along with a monogram of the author’s initials that read DBF. The interiors are crammed with several pockets and fissures to carry all possible belongings, right from alcohol, smokes, playing cards, pens, perfumes, sewing items, cosmetics, and jewelry.

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Hermes suitcases from Out of Africa_1.jpg
It looks like the maker had powers like Mr. Weasley from Harry potter to make this magic suitcase! But since the bags were crafted in 1930 and 1935 respectively, coupled with the fact that the baroness fled the continent in 1931, this case, like her book, stayed Out of Africa!

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