Sir Branson to wed couple in space

On one hand you have totally un-romantic ways to express your love and on the other you get to sweep your beloved off her feet and fly away to space and exchange your vows. In a new twist to the Virgin Galactic tale, not only one couple honeymoon aboard the £100,000-a-ticket maiden flight, but Sir Richard Branson will officiate a wedding ceremony 70 miles above the Earth on the first Galactic sub-orbital flight next year. This isn’t the first time he is conducting such a ceremony; he has officiated one wedding in mid-air and another at his Necker Island getaway. While in January Branson unveiled a model of SpaceShipTwo, his space project is progressing at a dramatic rate and customers will take part in the first test flights this summer.

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This is what a spokesperson for Virgin Galactic had to say, “Customers will have a two-hour flight, go up to 70 miles above the Earth and experience amazing views of the planet, G forces and weightlessness after a three-day training programme.”