This is Business Class seating like you’ve never seen it before

Ever dreamed of a chair that remembers exactly how to make you comfortable? The new Waterfront Business class seat may just be the airplane seat of your dreams. The seat creates an environment ready for anything from work to relation or recreation. This one of a kind seat is the result of a collaboration between B/E Aerospace, Teague Design Consultancy, Formation Design group and Panasonic Avionics.

It’s less of a seat and more of a mini-suite that transforms from office to bedroom to game room depending on your needs. The B/E Aerospace seat is as comfortable as it gets, with the added benefit of maximum adjustability. Whether you want to sit up straight, lie back, recline or stretch out and lie down, this seat does it all. You can also adjust the temperature around you and get some privacy thanks to the sliding door.
Business Class Seat (2)
Your personal haven will feature some snazzy technology thanks to Panasonic. Firstly, a 24-inch 4K display screen lets you catch up on all your favorite shows while device charging keeps your cellphone and iPod ready for later. Personal mood lighting lets you decide how bright or dim you want your space to be.

Extras include a tablet controller that lets passengers view flight information as well as control the LED lighting. The smart device will actually set up different types of lighting based on the seat position.

We’ll be waiting to see which of the luxurious Middle East based airlines will lay the first claim to this revolutionary Business Class seat.

[ Via : Mashable ]

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