This VIP Lounge in the Carribean has something that no lounge has – An infinity pool by the tarmac

Flights delays are unwelcomed by most. For who would like to toil around on chairs and pretend to enjoy boring magazines while waiting in despair? Although VIP and first class lounges provide a better deal in case of flight adjournments, they still fail to make up for the subsequent loss of enthusiasm and energy in fliers. However, this scenario may soon change for travelers at Punta Cana International Airport.

The Caribbean air- hub is about set to unveil its newest VIP lounge that comes with a luxe outdoor pool and a range of other amenities.

Scheduled for a December opening, the private area is an extravagant affair built for those who own a Priority pass or are frequent fliers with select airlines. Luxury travelers who possess neither can access the lounge via a one day pass, that quite expectedly would cost a bomb.
The outdoor infinity pool at the Punta Cana International Airport will allow passengers to relax and watch the airplanes hover around them at a stone’s throw. The pool side will house Sun loungers, parasols and plush furnishings while the indoor lounge will provide guests with a warm seating and exotic views through gigantic glass windows.

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Hubs at the Singapore Changi Airport and the Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport also have their own outdoor pools but none seem to come close to this one in terms of its sheer extravagance. Frankly, Punta Cana’s new VIP lounge is making us look forward to the otherwise boring layovers and flight delays!

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