Indulge in a 4-course meal under the Concorde as Manchester Airport celebrates the 20th anniversary of the iconic supersonic jet’s final flight.

Attention all Concorde fans; Manchester Airport has announced it will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the final Concorde flight to depart the Northern hub with a lavish black-tie banquet-style dinner at its Runway Visitor Park. The ticketed event that’s scheduled for 27 October will allow guests to enjoy a Gala dinner hosted under the wings of the iconic aircraft. The Concorde famously created a stir in Manchester when it first flew into the city in 1980, with aviation fans lining up close to the airport to catch a glimpse.

The final Concorde arrives at the Manchester airport.

The supersonic jet flew passengers in and out of Manchester Airport for more than two decades, before making its final passenger flight on 22 October 2003. A week later, the streamlined jet operated by British Airways touched down for the final time to be put on display at the airport’s Runway Visitor Park (RVP).

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The black-tie event being organized to mark the occasion will start with a drinks reception in the Concorde hangar before guests are seated for a four-course meal. Soprano vocalist Gemma Ashley will provide the musical entertainment on the night, while guests will also hear from former Concorde pilot, Captain John Tye, and Concorde’s most frequent flyer, Fred Finn. The evening will then be rounded off with a demonstration of Concorde’s famous nose droop. The tickets for the special event are priced at £90 (about $112) and can be purchased online by the general public via the RVP website.

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Concorde landing at the Manchester airport.

“For most of its years of active service, Concorde was a regular visitor to Manchester and its iconic silhouette even appeared in the airport’s former logo, such was its resonance with passengers and plane spotters,” said Paul Emblow, manager of the Runway Visitor Park. “The Runway Visitor Park now provides a permanent home for British Airways’ flagship G-BOAC, which transported members of the royal family among other famous faces and is the perfect setting to celebrate the anniversary of its retirement.”

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