Fancy a $55,000 mechanical weather station for your desk?

MB&F have definitely cornered the market on cute, but ultra-complex gadgets, clocks and automatons. Each of their creations seems more complex and beautiful than the last. They have enjoyed several successful collaborations with Swiss watchmakers L’Epée in the past including a spider watch and a robot clock. The two brands have come together once again to launce The Fifth Element – an inspired machine that serves four functions: clock, barometer (indicator of air pressure), hygrometer (indicator of water vapour in the air), and thermometer.

The companies call the Fifth Element “an intergalactic horological weather station” that can accurately forecast the weather even when the power goes down. The device is designed to resemble the creator’s idea of what an alien spaceship might look like, it even features a tiny model alien named Ross that “pilots” the ship.

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The structure of the gadget is milled from solid blocks of brass using a time consuming process. But even though the size of it makes manufacture challenging, the companies have gone above and beyond to create a useful but also entertaining device. The clock, barometer, hygrometer, and thermometer are not only detachable and interchangeable; thanks to integrated support they can also stand on their own, returning to the mothership when required. Meanwhile Ross the pilot, rotates around the mothership’s cockpit to make sure the coast is clear all thanks to the Fifth Element’s manually-wound, air-regulated movement.

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The Fifth Element is available in three colors; silver, black and blue and each color is limited to 18 units. Each item is priced at CHF 52,000 (approx. $55,000) excluding taxes.


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