Roger Dubuis debuts new Excalibur watch that offers full carbon structure

Swiss luxury watchmaker Roger Dubuis’s extravagant Excalibur collection is renowned for pushing the boundaries of the Haute Horology, especially with the use of special materials in contraction. The latest watch to join the Excalibur collection is no different. Meet the new Spider Excalibur Carbon3, the first fully carbon watch to be launched by Roger Dubuis. Yes, that’s right! Every component of the new timepiece is made of carbon, including the case, its caliber, and even the bracelet. The ultra-light design features multi-layer carbon construction, helping the watch weigh as little as 81 grams, which is truly astonishing for a timepiece of its size. The super-tough carbon construction of the Spider Excalibur Carbon3 also makes it highly shock resistant and as strong as steel. It measures 45 mm wide and 14.05 mm thick, which is not small by any measure. But thanks to the super-light material, the Carbon3 watch is comfortable to wear.

Another great property of carbon is its tensile strength, which greatly aids Roger Dubuis in skeletonizing the timepiece. Openworking a timepiece is a tricky art, as much of the bridges and plates are to be carved away without making the piece lose its structural rigidity or shock resistance. The plate, bridges, and tourbillon upper cage of the RD590SQ caliber are all made of carbon. The layered-structure of the carbon has a unique graining pattern that adds depth and dimension, and an interesting marbling effect. The Spider Excalibur Carbon3 is made to Poinçon de Genève standards (out of the 20 million watches produced in Switzerland every year, only 24,000 of them bear the Hallmark of Geneva). Only 28 examples of the watch will be made; the price is yet to be announced.

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