Romain Jerome’s latest limited editions celebrate two of Batman’s biggest enemies: The Joker and Two-Face

Romain Jerome has collaborated with DC Comics to create several Batman themed limited edition watches in the past, with the incredible 2017 timepiece with a luminescent bat signal on the dial. The Geneva-based watchmaker has followed it up with two new special editions watches that are inspired by the darker nature of the Gotham universe and celebrate two of the most famous villains: The Joker and Harvey Two-face. Both the collaborative pieces are based on the Arraw, the brand’s latest signature model, and each features its own unique look. First of the two is the ‘RJ Arraw The Joker’, which brings the colorfully funky and chaotic nature of the character to the watch’s appearance. Based on the 45mm titanium Arraw chronograph, the bezel is laser-engraved with a Joker motif and features a “plastered” dial plate that is hand painted. According to RJ Watches, it makes each watch unique. The hands on the watch are also themed around the character and are uniquely stylized with playing card ‘Aces’ at their tips. The reverse side of the watch sports a bold laser-engraved portrait of the Joker. The watch comes with three interchangeable straps in green, purple alligator leather and rubber.

The second of the two RJ watches are themes around Harvey Dent a.k.a Two-Face. Built on the 45mm titanium Arraw watch, it has a split face like the character itself. On one side is structured with a dial and a polished case, while the other side is distressed with chemical burns and a skeletonized movement. The interchangeable strap carries the same half-and-half theme which is made of calf leather and rubber. The clean, structured left side also carries a laser-engraved coin that rotates to act like the small seconds hand. The transparent case back reveals the caliber RJ004-M that has a power reserve of 48 hours. Both watches are limited editions of 100 pieces, with the RJ ARRAW The Joker priced at $17,900 and the RJ ARRAW Two-Face priced at $22,700.

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