Ulysse Nardin Freak Phantom unveiled

Ulysse Nardin has done it again. The Swiss spearhead in timepiece innovation has released a 99-piece collection of the iconic Freak that displays a new métier of Haute horology. Having broken boundaries before becoming the first timepiece to successfully present escapement wheels constructed of silicium and a tourbillon carrousel with no traditional dial, crown, or hands, the Freak has become a moniker mark unmatched skill and superiority. The latest entrant into the Freak family enhances its trademark silicium use, taking the revolutionary timepiece into the realm of remarkable ingenuity. Covert-like in appearance, the Freak Phantom uses silicium in its patented hairspring (Si 1.1.1.) and throughout its escapement’s majority. The entire movement of the Freak Phantom is produced in-house and offers a power reserve eight days lengthy.

The timepiece applies cutting-edge technology in the two ball-bearing systems, enabling the “flying” function of the minute movement and the seconds-indicator tourbillon without the need for a supporting bridge. This flying tourbillon does one complete rotation around the center in 60 minutes. Yet, it upholds simplicity and can be wound by turning the lower bezel, with the time being adjusted by turning the upper bezel, while the direct gear link crafted between the three “hands” averts the throwing of hours, minutes, and seconds when readjusting.

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The cage comes equipped with an arrow indicating the seconds on a transparent half-circle. With a case crafted in 18kt rose gold, the ‘Phantom’ is a beauty. Tough leather juxtaposes its marvelously noir elegance against the dial’s delicate sophistication. The new limited-edition Phantom heralds the avant-garde appeal of the Freak collection.

[Via – Ulysse-Nardin]

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