Bina Goenka’s Theia minaudiere sparkles with a thousand emeralds, amethysts and rubies

Before I even begin to describe this next creation, I must mention, all I can think is “exotic”. While in the past, the world may have witnessed millions of dollars worth of diamond-encrusted renditions by a Japanese jeweler in Tokyo and London, and even by high-fashion Hermès, the dazzling “Theia” is a mysterious minaudiere that decrees me dumbfounded. This bejeweled bag by India-based Bina Goenka is made from the finest Zambian emeralds, Mozambique rubies and African amethysts from Gemfields PLC. The astonishing accessory gives gemstones a stylish spin by containing them in a carryall that’s fit to find its spot in any sparkle savoring wrist. Theia taps into the feminine mystique by beckoning that inner goddess. This bag bathed in opulence strikes a chord with the modern woman on a quest for the decadent and astutely replaces antiquated weight-laden traditions with a breath of fresh practicality.

Colored gemstones from Gemfields PLC add to the designer’s vision of divinity by soldering and setting together into a gleaming base of gold. A total of 1091 precious stones, along with pearls and pink tourmalines and another 8199 pieces of white diamond do a glinting dance on 18 kt gold. So whether it is a diva’s day-in-the-park or a timid bride’s trousseau, Theia is the diamante studded divine inter-frien-tion no girl in her right, glamorous mind can refuse.

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Though price of this ostentatious minaudière is available only on request, it would be fair to claim that, with all those gems, Theia would be sporting a tag close to a million dollars.