Inside the German Gymnasium, London – The world’s most beautiful restaurant for 2016

The German Gymnasium, London was recently listed as the world’s “Best overall Restaurant” on the night of the 8th Restaurant & Bar Design Awards in the country. A novice in its category, the restaurant was quick to grab the spot for opening doors only in November last year. Located at London’s Kings Cross, the restaurant opens into a sprawling space, welcoming guests for a one of a kind dining experience.

The now fully functional restaurant was in fact the first purpose built gym in England that also hosted the first-ever indoor Olympic Games in 1866. Designed by renowned architect Edward Gruning in 1864, it is housed in a classic, newly-renovated Grade II listed building.

For being named the ‘Best overall Restaurant”, it features an al fresco terrace, a patisserie counter, an all-day Grand Café and the Meister Bar. While the space has been contemporarily revamped by designers Conran & Partners, it continues to retain its original aesthetics.

Paul Winch-Furness / Photographer
To tingle your taste-buds, you can savor on high- end European dishes such as the grilled sausages, pork knuckles, dumplings and strudels, (specially curated by German-born Executive Chef Bjoern Wassmuth) served at the first floor of the restaurant.

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Further you can also experience the German Tradition of “Kaffee und Kuchen” (meaning coffee and cake) at the Grand Café, which serves you a range of authentically baked cakes and pastries.

However, if dining isn’t your primary motive for the day, you can pay a visit to the restaurant’s- The Meister Bar and try your hand at the Le Whaf (a special carafe that vaporizes cocktails turning them into low-calorie clouds and can be used in a variety of the options on the menu), while swaying to the tunes to a London DJ (who plays at the bar 9 pm onward from Thursday to Saturday)

With an elegant décor, a use of warm palettes and an unrivalled spread of the very best culinary delights, London’s German Gymnasium rightly steals the spot for the ‘Best overall Restaurant” across the globe!