Lexus CT 200h luxury hybrid car wows shoppers at Harrods

Heading to a high-end store to pick up pricey Christmas gifts? Brace yourself to see luxury cars as you browse through their windows. Harrods wowed all the shoppers with the red hot Aston Martin’s Cygnet city car till 11th of December as part of their window display. And the next car to take its place in their window is the cool, green Lexus CT 200h. Right from 12th December till 15th January, this luxury hybrid in white will stand there to allow the shoppers to have a close-up view. This new hatchback is touted to be the world’s first full hybrid luxury car. Along with this green baby, the company is also showing off the RX 450h SUV model on the four window display. Head over to Harrods as the Lexus team will be glad to assist with further details. Those interested in buying or taking a test drive will need to step into the store.

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[Lexus Enthusiast]

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