BillionaireXchange is officially launched

Here at Luxurylaunches, we have mentioned about BillionaireXchange, the world’s first international auction and exchange site for the affluent, almost ten months back. The latest from this eBay of the Biilionaires is that it will officially move to referral and invitation-only membership. At present, the site has boasts of more than 26,000 multi-millionaires as well as almost a dozen billionaires as members. And if you think any John can enroll as a member here then allow me to tell you that only folks with a verifiable liquid net worth of $2 million are eligible to become a member. We have already bought the 2071.48ct Diamond Backgammon Set and Diamond studded 16GB iPhone 3G from them to our reader’s notice.

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The official release also states that the Auction and sales listings start at $1,000 and have included items ranging from rare super cars and 12-passenger private jets to an $840 million development site on the Las Vegas strip, a €50 million resort in Puerto Vallarta and a $250,000, 186-carat diamond chess set. Without the threat of fraud or counterfeit merchandise, users can also gain exclusive access to order and personalize luxury goods directly though high-end manufacturers and couture brands.