Mobile number sold for $32,000 in India

In-country that currently battles high levels of poverty, illiteracy, persistent malnutrition, and environmental degradation, a mobile no. was auctioned for 1.5 million rupees ($32,000)! Buddy, I am talking about India! A lad from Ludhiana, Amit Malhotra coughed up this amount for a fancy cell number – 9780000000. I don’t understand why this particular number is so expensive and sought after. The auction was organized by Hutch and a hutch employee has quoted that “If people have the money, let them buy the moon.” Getting back to Amit, he is the son of a city garment manufacturer and property dealer. The dotting father isn’t fazed by his son’s latest expenditure. However, Amit said that he has borrowed money from friends and relatives and was hoping to repay them soon. Lucky skunk to have such generous friends and relatives! The company has auctioned the VIP numbers through a phone conference that started on Tuesday and went on till Wednesday. However, the results were announced only on Thursday.

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There is a frivolous cliché that goes like – ‘It happens only in India!’
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