Watch: Mumbai man rides horse to buy iPhone X in a bizarre show of extreme Apple fandom

A decade back, in June of 2007, the whole world was swept by a juggernaut that was something nobody had ever seen or witnessed before. I am talking about the first generation Apple iPhone. Endless queues and people tenting outside the Apple stores became a common sight every time a new iPhone was launched; we witnessed the beginning and rise of iPhone mania brimmed with intense fandom. Now that the first iPhone X orders have started shipping to customers, a fresh round of absolute madness has gripped the planet yet again. In what can only be described as taking ridiculousness to the next level, one man from Mumbai, India, expressed his love for the iPhone X by arriving at the Apple store to pick up his new Apple smartphone mounted on a horse and followed by a band party beating drums, much like a typical Indian wedding procession.

With a large banner in hand that read, “I love iPhone X,” Pallival (the buyer) reached the store where he was greeted by the store’s owner and handed over his pre-ordered iPhone X while sitting on the horse itself. The stunt created quite a stir and hit the headlines in Mumbai and the crazy iPhone fan mounted on the horse seemed very happy getting all the publicity. The iPhone X was introduced in September this year to celebrate the first iPhone’s tenth anniversary and it’s an important milestone in Apple history. It has already started to break several sales records in different parts of the world and the phone’s acute shortage in supply has only intensified the hype around the thousand-dollar-plus iPhone.

[Via:The Times of India]

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