Will a millionaire snag the 1945 Nobel Prize for penicillin’s discovery for $2 million, adding a lifesaving gem that saved billions of lives to their penthouse’s decor?

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You may have missed your chance to win a Nobel Prize, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy one. The 1945 Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of Penicillin, awarded to chemist Ernst Chain, has just been listed at M.S. Rau for $2 million. Dr. Ernst Chain’s discovery of the antibiotic saved an estimated 200 million lives since its introduction in 1944. The collectible is indeed the zenith of scientific achievement, and no price is too much for the incredible piece of history.

Image – Rau auctions

The 23-karat gold medal weighs 200 grams and comes in its original box with the Nobel Diploma and a copy of the scientist’s acceptance speech. The medal looks exquisite with a visage of Alfred Nobel.

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Image – Rau auctions

On the flip side lies the allegorical “Genius of Medicine,” reading a book while offering water to a patient. The Nobel Diploma bears Dr. Chain’s name and the signatures of the Institute members.

Sir Ernst Chain. Image – Nobel institute

The third leg of the kit is the poignant acceptance speech, where the illustrious scientist discussed the personal loss of his mother and sister to the Holocaust. It also highlighted the irreplaceable importance of scientific advancements. Details of the 1945 Nobel Prize will be shared by auction house M.S. Rau on request.

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