This is the worlds first ever digital blockchain dress and it sold for $9,500

Blockchain has been one of the biggest buzzwords of today. After penetrating several markets, the cryptocurrency has now entered the world of fashion. Yes, that’s right! In taking the fashion scene a whole new level, Dutch startup – The Fabricant has recently introduced (and auctioned) what happens to be the first-ever digital blockchain dress.

Christened – “Iridescence”, the garment has been created using a combination of 2D garment pattern-cutting, 3D design, and special rendering software. It was conceptualized by The Fabricant is close collaboration with net artist and creator of futuristic face filter Beauty3000 – Johanna Jaskowska, and Dapper Labs, the team behind online feline phenomena Cryptokitties. Made as a hyperreal haute couture clothing item, the “Iridescence” offers buyers a chance to try and wear the dress digitally, after which they can have it custom-made per their liking.

Commenting on the dress, The Fabricant in an Instagram post stated, “When clothing is always digital, never physical, pollution and waste reduction are non-topics. In this new world, there’s no such thing as factories, supply chains and sample sizes. There are no delivery trucks to wait for, no clothes to launder and no closets to de-clutter. . . It’s sustainable by its very nature,” They further added, “We actually sold one of our items that has never been physical. Someone owns it now and will be able to wear it if they choose to.” The “Iridescence” was sold in the online auction for $9,500 USD.


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