Painting the town red: Supreme enters it’s first-ever beauty collaboration with Pat McGrath

Street wear label Supreme has reigned supreme (pun intended) time and again with awesome collaborations. They hit the bulls eye with Mac Tools for an automotive tool cabinet and then the very cool retro 1995 BMX Dirt Bike, but what we have now is by far one of the best offerings from the stylish label. For the first time ever, Supreme is taking its signature red label over to beauty by remaining up with none other than Pat McGrath Labs on a Supreme-branded red lipstick. The existing Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance Lipstick formula will go red, albeit in a Supreme-inspired version. It is the sole product in the Pat McGrath x Supreme team-up cause honestly, do we really even need anything more than this irresistible, wicked red lipstick? Nope! Supreme’s first-ever foray into beauty was announced by Pat McGrath in a series of Instagram posts with quotes on each that relate to New York City. Makeup lovers have worshipped the cult-favorite MatteTrance formula, but this time around it will be all about the red and gold tube with the street wear’s logo. The remarkable bullet is emblazoned in white on the front and Pat McGrath’s signature golden lip emblem in the middle complete with Supreme’s red-box-and-white-lettering logo.

Supreme aims to sell this exclusive lipstick all on its own; the product will sell exclusively on Supreme’s own website and neither on Pat McGrath Labs nor its stateside retail partner Sephora. The launch date for the lipstick has yet to be announced, but we know for a fact, this will be sold out in seconds.

[Via: Elle]

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