Upgrade your manicure with this nail varnish made with real Prosecco

Gel manicures are so last year, 2017 is the year of bubbly nail polish! Or at least it will be if Groupon has anything to say about it. The UK based coupon company have created the world’s first prosecco flavored nail polish. The company claims that “Prosecco Polish” is made with real prosecco and they even go so far as to call it a “lick-able” polish which smells and tastes like real prosecco.

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The gold polish may look good enough to eat, but the product’s safety and allergen information section proclaims “DO NOT DRINK” so don’t get carried away even if it does remind you of your favorite bottle of bubbly.

Prosecco Polish was being given away to winners of a lucky draw on Groupon, so you won’t be able to score it anymore. But who knows, if the demand for Prosecco flavored nails stays strong, the company might just run with it!

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