Would you fancy a $5,000 cat-poop infused skin cream

People can go to crazy heights to defy age. This includes ludicrous skin care regimes and spa treatments apart from all the healthy eating and exercising bit. While rubbing metals, charcoal and fruit on your face is understandable, resorting to a mix of cat poop for beauty seems to be beyond our imagination! Quite clearly though, cosmetic brand Hermetise seems to think otherwise.

Recently the brand introduced an over-the-top skin care treatment that enatils a generous rub of exotic cat dung on your face. However, it is no ordinary excreta we are talking about here! For $1664, the brand offers you the pooped-out matter of the Civet — an Asian cat that is known to have expensive taste in coffee. Apparently, the animal eats the beans and excretes them, the remains of which are then scooped up by a team of farmers to eventually go in the skincare product by Hermetise.

Apart from the cat poop, the brand also offers a 24K gold serum and a textured coffee-infused cream as part of the whole package for $4,994. The Kopi Luwak Anti-Pollution Oxygen Brightening Treatment, as it is called promises skin tightening, brightening, and anti-aging on top of maintaining pH balance and moisture. It is currently available for sale on Hermetise’s official website, but we seriously doubt the number of takers this expensive cat poop cream can fetch!

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