Cutting edge architecture meets sustainability – Vietnam will soon be home to one of the tallest vertical gardens in the world

Only after getting locked inside our homes during a pandemic did we truly understand the value of open spaces, outdoors, and greenery. Now that the message is clear, we truly need green spaces essentially for physical and mental wellbeing. A lot of people don’t want to give up on this lucrative idea which is why without any ado, they are developing the Solforest Ecopark luxury development in Vietnam. The Solforest Ecopark luxury development will take pride in being Southeast Asia’s tallest “vertical forest” residential building after completion in 2022. There will be abundant fresh oxygen for the residents to breathe as four hundred vertical gardens have been consolidated into the facade of the development, which also aids to withstand the changing climate of northern Vietnam. This gorgeous ecological urban township is located on the outskirts of Hanoi and will have a mix of high-end villas and apartment buildings built into green space, including the 41-storey, 156-meter high Solforest Ecopark. The landscape of the township incorporates more than 1 million trees and two towers that have an additional 400 vertical gardens on them. The apartments come with a 10-meter wide balcony and an automatic watering system installed, which operates on an hourly basis for each type of tree and direction of each apartment. The drainage system is designed exclusively for the planted balconies. 1,194 such equipped residential units will exist among the two towers that are home to one of the world’s largest vertical gardens. Every home will not just enjoy lush greenery but also the luxury of a private swimming pool nestled in 1,000 sqm of garden space.

Take a step out of your private space and you will find a resort square, a pedestrian street lined with parks, lakes and lush foliage, and a saltwater swimming pool with a waterfall that make the township completely outstanding. In addition to all of the above, residents of Solforest will have access to a bespoke fitness center, spa, shopping center, concierge services, lounges, and other exclusive services. A similar construction was built in Chengdu’s Qiyi City Forest Garden that unfortunately went from eco-paradise to veritable hell after the apartments were left unoccupied by tenants. The infestation of mosquitoes made the building look like a desolate, run-down facility.

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