Dubai’s 24-story; iPod’ shaped building has intelligent apartments with toilets that analyze the resident’s health

Over a decade ago, Dubai revealed plans for a building that was an ode to a new generation of technology and connectivity ushered in by iPods, the devices we all used (at the time) to listen to music anytime and anywhere. Inspired by the visual of a docked iPod, this building resembles a flat brick that’s ever so slightly tilted – and we have to admit, it really does look like a charging iPod. Now if only iPods were still relevant, this building might have some significance.

The building was previously known as the iPad tower, but is now called The Pad. Its 231 apartments feature plenty of smart technology from a virtual reality projection wall that changes locations, to RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) tags instead of keys for apartments. Security and heating can be managed using your smartphone. Some of this tech, we’ve seen before while some is new, but the interesting question is how much energy and maintenance will be required for the upkeep of such a smarthome.

The architect James Law, hopes that the technology incorporated into the building can be updated with time, so at least in his mind this is a sustainable project. But realistically, it remains to be seen whether or not this building will keep up with changing times and needs. It sounds strange to say this, but sometimes upgrading might be more trouble than its worth. Also, with many home operations depending on the internet and connectivity, this building will have to manage its own energy needs effectively.


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